Prayer to the Most Holy Mother of God

Most Holy Lady, Mother of God, you are the only one completely pure in soul and body, and you surpass all purity, all virginity and all chastity.
You are the sole dwelling place of all the grace of the Spirit, and you far surpass the angels in purity and in holiness of soul and body.
Turn your eyes toward me. I am sinful and impure and stained in soul as well as in body with the passions and pleasures that constitute the weeds of my life.
Set my spirit free from its passions. Sanctify and restrain my thoughts when they race toward adventurism.
Regulate and divert my senses. Shake off the detestable and infamous tyranny of my impure inclinations and passions. Destroy in me the empire of sin. Grant wisdom and counsel to my spirit that is filled with darkness and wretchedness. Help me to correct my faults and failings. Then, set free from the night of sin, may I be worthy to glorify and exalt you without reserve.
O sole true Mother of the true Light, Christ our God, alone with Him and through Him, you are blessed and glorified by every visible and invisible creature, now and forever.

Saint Ephraem of Syria, 306-373. Doctor of Deacons and Poets.


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