En gang til.



Video med Christian har rørt mig dybt, og jeg er nød til at bringe den en gang til.


Der en del på Christians blog som giver udtryk for deres mening

og en blandt de mange, som rammer godt er dennne:




When I watched your video, these are the things I knew to be true:

: 1. To say God is good is an understatement

2. God’s plan is bigger than our understanding

3. Life isn’t about ourselves. It is about Jesus and being like Him

. 4. God placed Christian with your family, because he is the blessing all of you need and all of you are the blessing he needs

. 5. Being Christ-like is beautiful to a fallen world.



Christians mor skriver sådan på hendes og Chistian blog:

Saturday, May 12, 2012

“Thanks” just seems inadequate

It’s one o’clock in the morning, 3 days after my video has gone viral. I am overwhelmed with trying to chat with everyone and respond to messages and read comments and absorb all the love I am receiving. In the last 3 days, over 6 million people have watched me pour my heart out telling my family’s story. I didn’t know that it would receive such a response, but I do know that God is all over this!
When I was sitting at Vanderbilt Children’s 14 months ago, I thought my life was over. Little did I know that it was only just the beginning. I was so wrapped up in my own problems that I couldn’t see what God was unfolding. Now that it is unfolding, I am just sitting back and being in awe of everything. I don’t think I’ve done anything special, and I am definitely not special. It is Christ in me that is so special. He is the one who gives me my joy, my happiness, my love, my peace. Without Christ, I’m positive that I would not have been able to handle everything I’ve been through this past year. I give all the credit and honor to God! He has sustained me for the last 2 years through the prgnancy, birth, and raising of Christian. How awesome is that God we serve that He has not only seen me through this, He has made us victoious!!
The video going viral has brought so much into my life! I doubt I can mention everything! I have received messages from people telling me that if they are ever faced with the same decision as I was, they will choose life!!!!! God is using Christian to save people!
I have had people tell me that they felt sorry for themselves until they saw the video, and now they are thankful that their life was brought into prospective. God is using Christian to bring true joy to people and show them to throw off self pity!
I have had people tell me that Christian is beautiful. Last month I was worried about putting him a baby show. You better believe now that I will walk Christian out on that stage with the biggest smile on my face and be the proudest mama you’ve ever seen. God is using Christian to show what true beauty is!
I have met people like Christian! Who are amazing, and kind, and happy people! They give me hope that Christian will be just fine! God is using Christian to show people what perserverance looks like!
I have had national news media contact me for interviews, one station planning to follow me around next week to film a day in the life of me and Christian, we are on multiple online news outlets, and our video has been watched over 6 million times. God has shown me that if I will listen to Him, He will do exceedingly more than I could imagine! God is using Christian to spread His message across the entire world!
I could go on and on and on about all of the amazing things that have come out of this. But it’s nearing 2am so I am going to make this one short. I just want everyone reading this to know, that I am so thankful for you all. “Thanks” just doesn’t do justice to way I feel. Thanks is an inadequate word to describe my graditude. In fact, there really arn’t any words that would be adequate.
So I guess I will just have to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! And when Christian is older, and he hears about all the amazing people who have come into his life, I know he will be thankful too
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