“Bed og der skal gives jer”

A reflection on today’s Sacred Scripture:
Ask and it will be given to you. .

Today we hear some of the most misunderstood and misused verses of the Bible. There are a great many who read these and think that we can ask the Lord for anything at all and expect to receive it.
Naturally, the Lord wants to hear from us. Indeed, we can ask Him for anything at all, although prayers for material things are mostly a waste of our time. The Lord is waiting to give us exactly what we need – exactly what will lead us to Him and to our salvation.
When the Lord tells us to ask, He’s telling us to ask for good and needful things. Ask, indeed for the one thing necessary – Him and His companionship in our daily walk. If we keep in mind that the Lord wants to give us everything that would serve us, everything that would lead us home, then our prayers cannot go astray – anything we ask for will be granted – in full measure and overflowing. For the Lord knows truly how to give good things and stands ready to do so.

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